Tucker Carlson goes All in for Putin

First here’s the crazy clip that has everyone talking:

You know things are bad when even Fucking Frank Luntz recognizes that the GOP ship of state has fully capsized. 

Of course later in his show Tucker Carlson recants, pretending he was just trying to trigger libs for the lulz, or the standard GOP bullshit you hear when their masks drop & people actually notice.

Russia is fully nationalist / imperialist and their leadership has become deeply entwined with the more fundamentalist wings of the Russian Orthodox church, so what’s not for our christian zealot wing of politics to love about Putin? They LIKE what he’s doing, and the GOP right never met a strong man dictator that they didn’t secretly or openly like.

D-Day: As Told by the Soldiers Who Survived

D-Day: As Told by the Soldiers Who Survived

The video below tells the story of the D-Day invasion to recapture Europe from the evil hordes of the dark regime of Adolph Hitler. We’ve been strong ever since this war, so it’s that, a bit of luck, and good leadership that has kept the world away from wars that are so immense that they are impossible to fully picture or imagine in our minds.

We have a D-Day memorial in Virginia, which is in bad financial straits. Please visit the site and donate as you remember this historic day.