Pradaxa Update

As I reported here I’m taking a newly approved (September 2010) type of blood thinner called Pradaxa (Dabigatran,) so I’m tracking how it’s going here as well as other places.

I’m a month in and I’ve saved two blood tests (yay, since my veins were getting quite scarred and difficult to tap even by good phlebotomists.) The pharmaceutical company that created the newly approved thrombin-inhibitor is running a program to help pay for the steep costs (I pay $30.00 with the card my doctor gave me) since most prescription plans are not going to cover this yet a full cost. The other great news is that I’ve suffered zero ill effects, nothing to report.

It’s not affecting my lifestyle at all, the one thing I’ve done with my medications is to move Prilosec to a once a day dose since proton pump inhibitors can interfere a bit with Dabigatran uptake.