Heart Rate

I’ve been investigating maximum recommended heart rates since mine is “high” for the charts typically used to gauge such things, and I need to set some bounds when exercising and recuperating from my heart surgery. There’s really not a clear cut determination on what your beats per minute should be since there are too many factors besides just age at play. The max heart rate for my age is 165 by the most popular method, which is fallible (+ or – 20 BPM). (See Chart Below) By more recent method and studies it’s 168-170 and the latter is supposed to be accurate to within 6-8 BPM.

What amazed me during my studies were rest heart rates of cyclists and other athletes, e.g. Lance Armstrong – 32 bpm. After my bypass surgery they gave me a pacemaker when my heart dropped below fifty while I was deeply sleeping one night, and it only kicks in when my BPM goes too low.

Below is the standard chart, but remember this could be off by as much as 20 BPM either direction: