When Creationists Put on Their Angsty Panties

You can bet that Fox news will cover it since it continues their “Culture Wars” theme and keeps their bile-fed elderly market share pumped up and angered enough to watch. Christians are being persecuted daily after all and there are lions waiting around the corner for every one of them… (ok — so I’m not practiced at snarkasm and that didn’t work well but let’s continue anyway…) I have to have some humor here because otherwise I might cry in frustration at how some humans misuse their time by trying to get books banned.

At the intersection of science and superstition

In the latest incident you find a fundamentalist creationist Christian upset because a biology text had the temerity to state that 7 literal day creation is “Myth.” Since only fundamentalist creationists believe the bible to be “inerrant” and the majority of Christians view the Bible as inexact, or allegorical, or subject to interpretation and translations errors by humans over the past 20 centuries, you have to wonder why Fox pimps such a minority view of Christianity.

On the other hand if you’ve been following the infamous Discovery Institute created culture wars for a while then you know exactly what’s going on. In Discovery Institute’s view if you are a tolerant, non fundamentalist sort then you aren’t really a true Christian, and not a true Culture warrior — and you certainly aren’t feeling persecuted enough yet.  You are “CINO”. Christian in name only. Leave it to Fox news to further the fundamentalist’s faux outrage.

Looking at the Text book in question you see that it gets pretty rave reviews and even seems modern and up to date with the latest real discoveries and controveries.

“Asking About Life” Allan Tobin and Jennie Dusheck

[remaining question: do angsty panties come in red and are they hair lined?]

Update: More at Little Green Footballs and Video of Fox and Friends

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  1. Unfortunately for creationists the biblical version of origins is myth without a shred of evidence. Makes for some fun reading though and this nonsense is part of my novel Flores Girl: The Children God Forgot. They are hoping Obama will be gone and that Sarah will run interference for them.

    Erik John Bertel
    Author Flores Girl: The Children God Forgot,

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