ACLU Takes Mississippi Bigots to Court Anyway

In a recent controversy a shcool in Mississippi canceled the Prom because the bigots in the school administration did not want to allow a lesbian to attend with a female date or to wear a tuxedo. The cancellation was to prevent being taken to court by the ACLU, but now they are going to court regardless. Way to go ACLU – replace “lesbian” with black, Jew, Indian, or Amish and you can see how this is clearly discrimination and how it deserves it’s day in court. The move by the school admin is discrimination, and is bigotry. Parents in the Itawamba district need to reconsider what kind of education their children are getting in a district where exclusionary bigotry like this is supported by the school board.

From the article:

Jackson, MS– The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has filed a lawsuit against a Mississippi school board after a decision was made to cancel the high school prom. The Itawamba County School District’s refusal to change their policy on allowing same-sex dates to be admitted to the dance prompted their decision to cancel the prom altogether. The suit, filed in federal court on Thursday, March 11, 2010, contended the school board violated a student’s First Amendment right to free expression, according to information provided by USA Today.

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2 responses to “ACLU Takes Mississippi Bigots to Court Anyway”

  1. The point of the movie Footloose, is the school (county) didn’t allow proms, so the kids organized their own.

    I don’t think the constitution says a prom is a right.

  2. Yeah, and it was religious fundy nutballs sucking the joy from life in Footloose as well, thanks for pointing that out. Here we have footloose in real life, and it’s not a case of not allowing Proms – it’s a case of pure bigotry and hatred as they canceled a traditional scheduled prom to exclude one individual. That’s hate writ large.