Time Lapse of Glacier Collapses

Time Lapse of Glacier Collapses

The extreme ice survey is recording the collapse and retreats of glaciers over time; these photos and the presentation are amazing and really bring home the retreats. I do not doubt that ice is in retreat; I grew up in Alaska and I have seen it in my lifetime and my own photos. This isn’t something that scientists anywhere argue about: Ice has been in retreat across the world for decades.

I used to argue about the cause, extremity, and urgency of it – I always placed energy and food security for 9 billion people ahead of that in the things to worry about queue, and still do. Global warming however is now higher in urgency after looking at data and studies the past two years. Whereas you can posit other possible causes for some of the alarmism as I have in the past, and you can criticize the models, you can’t argue that global warming is not occurring, and you can’t say that we don’t have some impact on it without being wholly unreasonable.

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  1. I know that this comment will not be original but at the moment I am just about speechless. WOW! The timed frame pictures are amazing and not in a good way but they sure bring the message home!

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