The Religious Fascists in America

The Religious Fascists in America

The elite Christian theocrats in the US cross party boundaries, but their goal is not to further our constitution nor our democracy. Instead it is to further their elitist notions of power through Christ and their bizarre interpretation of the bible. They are extreme fundamentalists, and are currently supporting politicians and the dictator in Uganda who have put forth bills calling for the death penalty for gays. (In Uganda just being openly gay or talking about gay marriage can get you life in prison already.) The leader of the family, the fellowship, the C street house and band, is Douglas Coe. Here’s a video report on him, with him in his own words. In Kansas at least two of our politicians are part of the family: Todd Tiahrt, and Sam Brownback.

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6 thoughts on “The Religious Fascists in America”

  1. We’ve got to do something about these religious fascists in America.

    I understand just recently one murdered 13 soldiers and one civilizan at Fort Hood and several other groups had plots foiled to bring down planes and other attacks on civilian infrastructure and targets.

    On a more serious note, at least these Christians don’t enjoy widespread support among Christians in general. One doesn’t walk in to most churches and listen to “Blessed is he who murders fags….”
    Contrast that with what we know goes on in HUNDREDS of mosques across this country yet that poisonous combination of media and politicians won’t go near it. They won’t call it by its proper name!

  2. I can understand why you are trying to change the subject to Islamism, however this is true, these people do have a grip on power here in the US, and I”ve seen them at work. Brownback isn’t a danger in the sense of terror, but he is a danger to our freedoms. I’m thankful that the dyed in the wool Theocrats are few, however through their large donors, their media outlets, and their seats in congress they do hold undue sway on the future direction of our country. I like our constitution, I like democracy, they think both are highly flawed and that they can’t work.

  3. Our Constitution has the safeguards of separation of church and state,however, those we elect should follow the law and not their religious
    beliefs in administering the law. We should not allow religious fanatics
    regardless of which faith to gain power …..

  4. “We should not allow religious fanatics
    regardless of which faith to gain power …..”

    Our President is an faithful adherent of AGWarmism, which, like the other religions of the world, is a pure human construct of myths and power. Does that count?

  5. Pavel’s a neo luddite fool and tool of the same evil lobbyists who told us for years that there isn’t a direct link between lung cancer and tobacco smoking. The science and clear data was cast into doubt through a concerted campaign of the people making money off of people’s cancer causing addictions, just as now the science is being cast into doubt by the energy companies making money off our our fossil fuel addiction and many of those same lawyers and lobbyists.
    Right now I find your arguments pernicious and ill-informed, but that could be from the perspective I have as my mother is in a far away state awaiting treatment for stage 3B lung cancer tonight.

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