Memorial Day

Memorial Day

Some get confused between Memorial day and Veterans day, but there is a difference. On Veteran’s day we honor all veterans, those living and those who fell.

On Memorial, or Decoration day as it was previously known and as President Ronald Reagan preferred to call it, we honor those who have fallen. We honor them by visiting their graves, their monuments, and we decorate their graves with memorabilia and flowers. Decoration day was created by order in 1868 to honor those who fell in the civil war. Here is Ronald Reagan speaking:

One thought on “Memorial Day”

  1. We should honor our fallen on Memorial Day and remember that they
    gave their lives so that we could enjoy our freedoms. I have served and
    walked on the blood soaked ground, I have seen men cry and cried
    with them. I have seen the young faces with the fear and also the anger
    of having to face death. We who chose to go made that decision to
    protect this nation, in doing so, we took an oath and it was not written
    that we would die honoring that oath but we knew that it was part of the contract that we signed. The men and women who have given their lives
    for this nation should always be remembered for giving their all and we
    cannot ask for more…

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