Open Republicanism

Open Republicanism

Is there such a thing? Will the Republicans always be run by PAC’s and pundits, or can they actually toss the tired rhetoric aside and move into this century? All good questions that I don’t have the answer for, but we must do something soon.
At a time when our Republican elected officials can only influence, should we look like hysterical ninnies? When we are turning red states purple, should divisive social issues be our lead? Are we the party of liberty, or the party of despair?
More to come later, just thoughts I’m dwelling on at the moment.

One thought on “Open Republicanism”

  1. The Repulican party needs to go back to it’s roots and keep
    the information out there that liberal socialism will stifle this
    nation. We need less government in our lives concerning
    health care, welfare, education etc ..which should be left up
    to local and states to decide. The pendelum will swing back
    the other way, but until it does, the liberals are going to push
    their agenda on us. Let us just hope that the Supreme Court
    which is still conservative will not allow the liberals to go too
    far with their programs…

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