One thought on “Dems Consider a Gas Tax Hike”

  1. It’s strange how the Democrats minds work. When Clinton raised
    tobacco taxes to save us from ourselves a lot of people quit
    smoking thereby lowering the taxes that had been collected by the state and federal government. Now the states are scrambling
    to make up for the losses. The same will hold true if gas and
    diesel fuel taxes are raised. The truckers and companies that
    can pay the higher taxes will raise the price of transportation
    and their products. Both Obama and Hillary had already
    stated that they intended to raise income taxes and raise the
    cap on Social Security tax. The goose that laid the golden eggs
    is slowly being strangled to death. Now we are faced with a
    problem of national security and social problems here at home
    and the Democrats will opt for fixing the social problems such
    as health care while the terrorists gain strength. Raising any
    taxes at this time is counter productive with the high fuel
    prices. And the Democratic party call themselves progressive?

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