It’s Official (or not…:) Global Cooling has Begun

Today the Space and Science Research Center announced that we are entering a new cycle of global cooling based on their estimates of Solar cycle fluctuations: they say they’ve discovered a 209 year periodicity in the cycle previously un-noticed. Before you go to press with this note that the agency is not governmental but rather a private venture that bases it’s estimate off a new concept in solar variability, the RC Theory. The credentials are impressive, and the paper they present is peer reviewed.

The Space and Science Research Center Issues A Formal Declaration:
Global Warming Has Ended – The Next Climate Change to A Pronounced Cold Era Has

In a news conference held in Orlando, Florida today, Mr. John L. Casey, Director of the Space and Science Research Center, issued a landmark declaration on climate change.

“After an exhaustive review of a substantial body of climate research, and in conjunction with the obvious and compelling new evidence that exists, it is time that the world community acknowledges that the Earth has begun its next climate change. In an opinion echoed by many scientists around the world, the Space and Science Research Center (SSRC), today declares that the world’s climate warming of the past decades has now come to an end. A new climate era has already started that is bringing predominantly colder global temperatures for many years into the future. In some years this new climate will create dangerously cold weather with significant ill-effects world wide. Global warming is over – a new cold climate has begun.”

According to Mr. Casey, who spoke to print and TV media representatives today, this next cold era is coming about as a result of the reversal of the 206 year cycle of the sun which he independently discovered and announced in May of 2007. 

Since Climate change is such a political football, I’d wait for others to start chiming in before jumping on the bandwagon, but we are also seeing worry about cooling from other independent sources, however they are contravened by others who say the delay we are seeing between solar cycles 23 and 24 is not unprecedented, there have been longer delays last century.

UPDATE 2009: Or NOT turns out to be the case; even with the sunspot lull and El Nino factored in we are still warmer than we should be with those two conditions. This per satellite data, ice cores, ocean sediment, real temperatures compared to historic.

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