One thought on “Today’s McCain Ad is About Energy”

  1. We were warned in 1973 during the oil embargo, but Congress
    has done nothing but allow the drilling at Prudhoe Bay. There
    have been no new refineries built in 30 years. No new oil
    exploration because of the “greenies”. No new nuclear power
    plants and very few power grids from wind generation. The enviormentalists have tied the hands of progress to save an owl
    or a snail darter fish and not allowed any new hydroelectric
    dams to be built. If man is to survive on this planet there must be
    power and there must be food. We can produce clean energy
    cheaply and without destroying the enviorment. There has to be
    a simple compromise and the einviromentalists should be given
    the option of enjoying the life they are accustomed or walking,
    starving and freezing in the dark….

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