Universes Spawning Ever bright

A new cosomological model has been created by researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In the new model, there is no big bang, the universe and time does not stop, but instead they spawn endlessly into new universes. The new model takes into account Dark Energy, and the potential of the “Big Rip” at the turnaround.

This is exciting news, and I’d like to take this opportunity to just say no to entropy! 🙂

More at Space Daily:

A new cosmological model demonstrates the universe can endlessly expand and contract, providing a rival to Big Bang theories and solving a thorny modern physics problem, according to University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill physicists. The cyclic model proposed by Dr. Paul Frampton, Louis J. Rubin Jr. distinguished professor of physics in UNC’s College of Arts and Sciences, and co-author Lauris Baum, a UNC graduate student in physics, has four key parts: expansion, turnaround, contraction and bounce.During expansion, dark energy — the unknown force causing the universe to expand at an accelerating rate — pushes and pushes until all matter fragments into patches so far apart that nothing can bridge the gaps. Everything from black holes to atoms disintegrates. This point, just a fraction of a second before the end of time, is the turnaround

For those not mathmetically challenged as I am, you can review the paper and the formulas here.