I Fly US Airways

The Imams who created the fuss by deliberately provoking a response from the passengers and airlines are instituting a boycott. Since I respect airlines that think of passenger safety first and cultural sensitivities second, I will be flying US Airways at all opportunities in the future.

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Women’s Protection Bill is Law in Pakistan

burntbus.jpgPresident Perez Musharraf of Pakistan has signed into law the Women’s Protection bill, which created a spate of demonstrations by the radical anti government MMA. The MMA is the party that vocally supports the Taliban and extremist sharia views in Pakistan, so it it natural that they would demonstrate against the bill.

Many of the MMA have been arrested, but they will continue to agitate, even though this bill is popular with the majority of the population in Pakistan, as seen in numerous online forums. This bill has diminished the effectiveness and the power of the MMA, and is probably one reason that the Taliban has cracked down on news in the NorthWest Frontier Provinces. Many Pakistani’s are now speaking out against Mullahs, and Mullahs and the vested interests that finance them are the backbone of the MMA.

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Bin Laden and Chitral

There’s been much speculation that Osama Bin Laden is or was hiding in Chitral, and many articles written about it. As I pointed out in earlier posts here, Chitral’s not a place he would stay for any length of time. However, the press keeps coming back to Chitral perhaps because it’s the only town in the hinterlands of Pakistan that they know the name of.

The Chitralis are a bit upset about this, and the Chitral News has printed articles regarding the misconceptions of the western press (trust me good people of Chitral - your town is not the only thing the press has many misperceptions about.)
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