I Fly US Airways

The Imams who created the fuss by deliberately provoking a response from the passengers and airlines are instituting a boycott. Since I respect airlines that think of passenger safety first and cultural sensitivities second, I will be flying US Airways at all opportunities in the future.

Many folks do not know that US Airways and America West have merged, pending approval, so please note their logos below, all of these are good airlines to fly:


From The Wikipedia entry on US Airways:

US Airways is an airline based in Tempe, Arizona, owned by US Airways Group, Inc. As of May 2006, the airline is the sixth largest airline in the United States. Including aircraft operated by its America West Airlines affiliate, US Airways has a fleet of 357 mainline jet aircraft and 352 express aircraft connecting 240 destinations in North America, Central America, the Caribbean, Hawaii, and Europe. US Airways currently employs 35,180 people worldwide and operates 3,860 flights worldwide daily. On November 15, 2006, US Airways launched a hostile takeover bid to merge with Delta Air Lines while Delta is in bankruptcy.

The airline is owned by America West Holdings Corporation. Operations are expected to be fully integrated with America West Airlines by 2007 after government approval allowing the airlines to operate under a single operating certificate. Until this happens, the former America West aircraft and destinations are operated under a separate certificate and by separate crews, but the flights are marketed and sold as US Airways. Check-in counters are still maintained for both US Airways and America West, but most only display US Airways signage.

US Airways operates primary hubs in Charlotte, Philadelphia, Phoenix, and Las Vegas, with the latter two being pre-merger America West operations. Additionally, US Airways has a secondary hub in Pittsburgh. US Airways also maintains focus city operations at New York LaGuardia, Washington Reagan, and Boston.

The airline operates the US Airways Shuttle, a US Airways brand which provides hourly service between key Northeastern markets. Regional airline service is branded as US Airways Express, operated by contract and subsidiary airline companies.

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