Bin Laden and Chitral

There’s been much speculation that Osama Bin Laden is or was hiding in Chitral, and many articles written about it. As I pointed out in earlier posts here, Chitral’s not a place he would stay for any length of time. However, the press keeps coming back to Chitral perhaps because it’s the only town in the hinterlands of Pakistan that they know the name of.

The Chitralis are a bit upset about this, and the Chitral News has printed articles regarding the misconceptions of the western press (trust me good people of Chitral - your town is not the only thing the press has many misperceptions about.)

I think instead of being upset, they should milk it for all it’s worth. They should create terror tourism in Pakistan. They could make a bus tour to Osama’s cave, and perhaps hire some of the resigned MMA national assembly members to dress up as mad mullahs to scare and pose for the inevitable busloads of Japanese tourists and their cameras. They could make a ski-slope and lodge with a Casino – it could bring some money to the area after all.
The view from a Hotel Balcony of the Chitral Valley