Three Days until Christmas

Three days left until Christmas, here’s wishing everyone the joy of the season.

Jango, Santa’s Ugliest Reindeer

Jango dropped by for a visit tonight, he’s Santa’s ugliest reindeer

Jango, Santa’s Ugliest Reindeer

django-the-ugliest-reindeerJango dropped by for a visit tonight, he’s Santa’s ugliest reindeer. That’s the last of the pets in funny hats pictures tonight, I don’t want ASPCA or PETA coming after me for unusual cruelty to animals.

Kasey is not Happy as an Elf

Kasey as an Elf

kasy-as-elf1Kasey wasn’t as complacent about being an elf as Chewey was about the reindeer outfit. A couple minutes after this was snapped she was tearing around the back yard with the hat in her mouth shaking it like a bad squirrell.

Chewey Goes Reindeer


Chewey Goes Reindeer

Chewey puts on her reindeer gear in preparation for Christmas Eve.

The Christmas Roast


The Christmas Roast

My wife asked for the the “Biggest roast you have” at the butcher’s, so now we have a 22 pound rib roast that doesn’t fit in the pan.  I seasoned it and we will be putting in in the oven in an hour or two. To give you an idea of scale, that’s a three layer chocalate raspberry cake in the background.

The 12 Days of Christmas: Straight No Chaser

Acapella Christmas Craziness with humor

Acapella craziness with Christmas songs done with humor

Bells etc.

This is beautiful and you must watch it ! Please hit the little “full screen” Icon before it gets too far

Carol of the Bells – 2008 Holdman Christmas Display from Richard Holdman on Vimeo.

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