Montana GOP’s KKK Candidate

After three solid years of pandering to bigots, birthers, and birchers nobody in the GOP leadership has a right to wonder or even pretend to wonder why they’ve become the party of choice for KKK members.

A member of the Ku Klux Klan motivated by President Obama’s election is running for Montana’s open House seat as a Republican.

According to the Associated Press, 41-year-old John Abarr is running on a platform of legalizing marijuana, increasing funding for mental health programs, abolishing the death penalty and saving “the White Race.”

Montana Republicans are swiftly distancing themselves from Abarr while Democrats say the party needs to explain its relationship with him.

via LGF Pages – Montana GOP’s KKK Candidate.

Budget Cuts > Death Panels


Get ready to see more stories like this across the country as tea party philosophy meets reality. Death Panels aren’t needed, cutting the budget will do…

Fire crews and police could only watch after a man waded into San Francisco Bay, stood up to his neck and waited. They wanted to do something, but a policy strictly forbade them from trying to save the 50-year-old, officials said.

A witness finally pulled the apparently suicidal man’s lifeless body from the 54-degree water.

The San Jose Mercury News reported that the man spent nearly an hour in the water before he drowned. The newspaper identified the man as Raymond Zack.

According to reports, first responders and about 75 people watched the incident from the shore.

Interim Alameda Fire Chief Mike D’Orazi said Monday’s incident is troubling. He has directed staff to write a new policy that would allow water rescues in the city of about 75,000 people across the bay from San Francisco

via LGF Pages – Budget Cuts > Death Panels.

Rand Paul, Supposed Defender Of Civil Liberties, Calls For Jailing People Who Attend ‘Radical Political Speeches’

Rand Paul calls for jailing people who listen to ‘Radical Political Speeches’ while guest hosting for Hannity. Since he’s conflating it with religion *wink* *wink* nudge….(I’m saying it’s not Islam but it is…) he’s just called to abrogate three of our basic freedoms: of speech, of assembly, and of Religion. Now there’s a libertarian with a capital L, he might as well burn the constitution on air.

via LGF Pages – Rand Paul, Supposed Defender Of Civil Liberties, Calls For Jailing People Who Attend ‘Radical Political Speeches’.

President Obama: Consistent and Persistent

President Obama got this exactly right during the campaign, and ever since he was elected. He’s been pounding the leadership of Al Qaeda and the Taliban in both Waziristans without relenting for two years now to great effect. Now under his command and his direction, Osama Bin Laden has been taken out. Kudos to him for his consistent focus on the actual terrorists, and his successful prosecution of the war against them. If anyone cares to argue this, I will merely point out the huge number of successful drone strikes within Pakistan, there’s no need to point out the fact that we got Bin Laden.

Let’s put this into language even wingnuts can understand. Obama promised to get our greatest enemy inside Pakistan, and he sent seals in to do that. They kicked ass, took names, and turned our greatest enemy into fishfood. President Obama has my vote in 2012.

A Compendium of Crazy – Keith Olbermann on the Tea Party

Normally I wouldn’t post something from Keith since he’s sorta like the left’s Glenn Beck lite in the hyperbole department,  but nobody else has collected all of the craziness from the Tea Party candidates in one spot. Once you watch this you won’t wonder anymore why the Tea Partiers are dodging the media at all costs. I trimmed the intro a wee bit so you can get to the red meat right away.

For the record I am one of those abandoned Republicans, now registered Democrat for the first time in my life.

Friday Morning Hodgepodge

Here’s a Friday hodge podge of updates.

Since Glen Beck is picking this weekend instead of the three day Labor Day weekend seven days later for his Teaparty rally you have to wonder if he’s not just targeting that day because its’ Martin Luther King day. With his John Birch Society leanings you also have to wonder where the heck he’s going to go with it, but I’m expecting more history rewrites and more obfuscation and redirection from the real principles in our constitution.

I’m beginning to wonder if the pols on the right aren’t just occasionally feeding tinder and funds to the Anti-mosque madness simply because it keeps the press focus off of their wingnuts and whackos, like Buck, Angle, Miller, and Rand. Long time readers here and at LGF know that the anti-mosque movement is imported by Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller from the far right Eurofascist parties, and I suspect that they will get re distanced a bit later after they stop becoming a useful distraction and turn into a dangerous one. Geller is particularly pernicious, with birtherism, support of neo nazis, eurofascists, and white supremacists in her background. (e.g. I’ve pointed out in the past without naming her blog how she picks up stories from Neo nazis, and I’ve detailed the fascist tendencies of Vlaams Belang and their friends that she supports in Europe. Here and Here. )

The election in Alaska is turning interesting, and that has to be a voter turn out thing — in the general Murkowski would heartily thump Miller, and I suspect that’s what will happen if she runs 3rd party. She still has a chance with the recount since the absentee ballots are likely to favor her and not miller.

The teaparty movement has served up a series of real whackjobs — viscerally many elder GOP conservatives want to agree with these candidates because of the anti government sentiment but when you start saying “What about your Social Security?” “What about your Medicare?” “What about your rights?” they sometimes start thinking…

Personal Update

Now that the weight restrictions are off my arms (previously I had serious potential to displace the split in my sternum with too much pressure across it.) I’m catching up on things long overdue at the house, including some yardwork. It feels good to be able to do productive work again and not have to rely on my wife to lift and carry. She was definitely a trooper throughout this ordeal and I do love her dearly for that support.

So far I’ve cleaned out the Smoker, installed a outdoor yard faucet , repaired a chandelier and Frankenputer, and jury rigged a tail light lens for my daughter who got her tail light capsule stolen. On the remainder of the leftovers list are installing two new bathroom faucets, repairing the humidifier before winter, and installing an outdoor electric outlet (I’m converting everything outside to electric from gas for yard work except the lawn tractor to cut down on personally generated carbon output. This doesn’t help a great deal yet since much of the power in Kansas is coal generated, but some comes across the power inter-tie from the zero carbon Wolf Creek facility. By time those items get done it will be time for grub pellets, fertilizer, and then leaf raking in the yard.

Meanwhile, Kasey says “It’s Friday! Have a great weekend! Don’t forget to visit the park with me either buddy, I’m tired of running the edge of this fence…”

When the Reporter Becomes the Story

Like Dan Rather we see a purported journalist not just twisting or exaggerating truth to show an angle of a story, but rather inventing it almost whole cloth from some perversely reversed worldview.

Breitbart bashing in the wake of the true story of Shirley Sherrod plowing across the media landscape is all the rage, so far be it from me to forgo such a healthy community event. Like Dan Rather we see a purported journalist not just twisting or exaggerating truth to show an angle of a story but creating it whole cloth from some perversely reversed worldview.

“If you give me six lines written by the hand of the most honest of men, I will find something in them which will hang him” – Cardinal Richelieu

Breitbart turned Shirley’s story of how she overcame her own initial xenophobe reactions to help a white farmer save his farm into its exact fun house mirror/ horror show opposite – he made it into an example of reverse Racism.

He did that to feed the Tu Quoque need of some whites to play their own victim card and say “See, we are victims of racism too!” This is a favored tactic at white supremacist sites from Stormfront to VDARE and it’s used often by the populist pus head pundits who host those sites. Andrew has always had a “but they do it too!” childlike approach to political discourse, but mainstreaming the white victimhood of the white nationalist sites is really a new low for him.

By vigorously pushing this BIG lie to attack a black woman Andrew Breitbart has amply demonstrated that everything the NAACP said in their resolution about the tea party and the far right was right on the money. There are extreme racist elements in the movement and their first handle on any issue is always going to be blood, religion, or skin color.

The story here isn’t Shirley anymore, rather it’s how a reporter became so narrow in vision and purpose that they forgot the truth. It’s a story of selling one’s soul to the devil in a Faustian political bargain, it’s a story of madness and how someone who was once a rising star went mad. It’s also the story of everyone associated and contributing to Andrew’s “BIG” sites, and how they won’t be able to get that shithouse loon smell off themselves as long as they are there.

As this Breitbart race to the bottom unfolds it will bear watching – after losing cred journalists and websites almost always end up in crazytown, and there’s only limited real estate there. It’s all very well staked out – so you can’t really poach Alex Jone’s turf, or Whirled Nuts Dailey’s dominion very long before you just become them – just like Hotair recently found out from Salem Communications.

Photo Credit: Life

Sarah Steps in it Again

UPDATE 7/19: Earlier this am I googled “Refudiate” and found it to be the 10th most popular search, and at 10:30 am central “refudiate” was the second most popular search term at google, will Refudiate make it to number 1?

It started this am with a tweet from Sarah Palin that on second thought or handler edit was determined to contain too much religious bigotry, so it got deleted, replaced, and rewritten. Charles over at LGF noticed the comment and screen capped it, and it’s been a rollicking laugh riot ever since Sarah ‘refudiated’ her original tweet…. now she’s whining that Shakespeare made up words too (by golly!) so people shouldn’t be picking on her … the temerity of comparing herself to the immortal bard in turn spawned the wonderful hashtag #shakespalin — check it out.

UPDATE 7/19: Earlier this am I googled “Refudiate” and found it to be the 10th most popular search, and at 10:30 am central “refudiate” was the second most popular search term at google, will Refudiate make it to number 1?

This is so sad it’s Hilariously funny: John Stewart on our Oil Dependency

The last 8 presidents and our past attempts…

The last 8 presidents and our past attempts…

Arizona Illegal Immigration Law Fixed

…and how I stopped being a tool.

In  a last minute move after seeing a huge media and blog outcry Arizona has altered the vague sections of their Immigrant law that were crafted by a hate group lawyer, and now it’s more reasonable. Indeed, it’s something similar to what I suggested in 2006.

Lawmakers on Thursday night changed the language to require scrutiny only of people who police stop, detain or arrest. They also changed a section of the bill that barred officers from “solely” using race as grounds for suspecting someone is in the country illegally; opponents had argued that that would allow race to be a factor. The legislators removed the word “solely” to bar race from being used by officers enforcing the law.

Note that since that 2006 post and others like it, I’ve moved more to the center on immigration. I’ve seen it become the wedge that split the Republicans apart as I predicted, and I saw moderates leave and extremist groups like the Birchers swarm in to fill that vacuum. Here’s something else I wrote along that path – the more I researched the less I could support the Xenophobic fears driving the debate.

If treatment of the illegals is too harsh this will backfire as well. Many who feel firm now will quail before the hordes of MSM and liberal deportation horror stories to come. For make no mistake, in many cases enforcing this will drive a wedge into one of conservativism’s key values: Family Unity. Some families will be torn apart. The father or mother will be deported — so whatever the outcome of the conference committee two major conservative values will clash. With that said I refer you back to the quote at the start, and remind you that in the end all problems are solvable if one factor is patience, and the other persistence.

It was after this — when I saw large segments of the party really turn on Bush, McCain, Graham and others that I realized this this was the issue that would split us. I saw partisans full of bile attacking Republicans harder than any Demagogue from the Democrats would and began to research. My queasiness about recognizing the need for immigration just due to the sheer demographics of the aging baby boomers (who is going to care for and nurse all of the gray hairs in a few short years? ) turned to outright alarm when I saw that many of the cheerleaders, like Michelle Malkin, were aligned with Peter Brimelow and the Pat Buchanan tea cup racist crowd at the odious VDARE site. I began to realize that “Culture” and “Identity” weren’t just code words for the Eurofascists, they were code words for the racists here as well.

Do you suspect some of the legislators in Arizona started looking into things like Kris Kobach’s background and actually realized what tools they had been, like I did? I can only hope so.

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