You Know it’s Spring

You know it’s Spring when you burn new car disc CD’s, when the grass starts to green and trees bud like mad. You know it’s Spring when you leave the windows open all night and the furnace off, when you get the last of those fall leaves up, it’s that time when you put down the extra rugs and mats for the dogs to track across first. It’s Spring when the mid east goes nuts, when the budget really becomes finalized for this year, and people start booking trips to Ft. Lauderdale – new songs get released, and then wow. It’s Spring Break and time for kids to hit some beaches. Egg coloring kits pop up everywhere and the Peeps resurgence begins, flowers unfurl but get eaten by hungry rabbits almost as soon as they start to bloom. You think about washing the car, but walk the dog instead, and take off your hoody half the distance through. Spring: that happy time that will just whizz by you.

2 thoughts on “You Know it’s Spring”

  1. When the dogs can stay outside all day and bask in the sun. When the leaves that fell in your yard blow over in the neighbors yard and you don’t have to rake them. When the freezer has 2 racks of pork spare ribs just dying to jump on the grill for a BBQ. When the sound of the motorcycles are heard racing down the road.

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