Frankenputer Chronicles III

In previous episodes you saw the genesis of Frankenputer, but in this one you find that he has died. That’s right, something is wrong with the server and it won’t even do a POST . That’s indicative of a power, memory, or bios/MB problem so … I swapped out the memory to eliminate one of those and I am now moving on to the power supply.

This seems reasonable to me since the PC has only a 400 watt supply, and I’m really going overkill on some of the peripherals. It’s got a GTX-260 GPU that takes two power leads, and I’m also driving two extra hard drives, a Wifi USB dongle, and a blue tooth USB dongle. [ Picture a wee Scottish engineer inside the Power Supply yelling “Cap’n! The power supply canna take it anymore! ]

I upgraded to a 600 watt PS, so all should be well after the replacement surgery is complete.

UPDATE: The power supply did not do it, so it’s something more serious, like BIOS or Motherboard. More to come…