Frankenputer lives Again

The new Motherboard worked, and the Frankenputer media monster now lives again, however I’m in process of reloading Windows 7 anyway since the BIOS and PS are different and I want to enable their advanced capabilities. Update: all is reloaded and all is well with Frankenputer. My mondo backups are intact, the Netflix, youtube, Hulu, … Continue reading “Frankenputer lives Again”

Frankenputer Chronicles III

In previous episodes you saw the genesis of Frankenputer, but in this one you find that he has died. That’s right, something is wrong with the server and it won’t even do a POST . That’s indicative of a power, memory, or bios/MB problem so … I swapped out the memory to eliminate one of … Continue reading “Frankenputer Chronicles III”

The Frankenputer Media Server Chronicles II – What’s out there for Content?

The first gap is content delivery: the content available for streaming on the internet isn’t quite as rich in video quality or in diversity as that found in the average cable contract without a bit of work or adaptation.

Frankenputer Streaming Media Server: It Lives

I got tired of having fifteen different flavors of media (pictures, movies, songs, home videos, bought videos, etc. etc. etc.) that all required different devices or different cables or some widget or wadget to display, hear, or print.

Things to Come to the Internet of Things

The other day I participated in one of Cisco’s weekly Internet of things chats, ( #IoTchat ) and found it thought-provoking and worthwhile. The online chat in turn inspired me to do another “Things to Come” post.  Some of this will  be about the internet of things in the consumer realm, and some later posts will be about … Continue reading “Things to Come to the Internet of Things”

Friday Morning Hodgepodge

Here’s a Friday hodge podge of updates. Since Glen Beck is picking this weekend instead of the three day Labor Day weekend seven days later for his Teaparty rally you have to wonder if he’s not just targeting that day because its’ Martin Luther King day. With his John Birch Society leanings you also have … Continue reading “Friday Morning Hodgepodge”