John Boehner & the GOP Wants to raise your retirement age

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Rachel Maddow recently gave some analysis of an actual policy speech from a leading Republican. When John Boehner gave an actual policy speech it was something rare for Republicans in the Tea Party age of craze.

There’s an absolute jaw dropper in Boehner’s statement — and if you are age 40-60 you really need to pay attention. Whether you like social security or not you are paying into it, and so is your employer – it’s gone that way for decades, and the money you have paid and that your employer(s) has/have paid is no small sum. It’s quite large. You pay that and your employer pays that based on a promise that after the age matched on this chart created by legislation that raised the age in 1983 that you will be able to retire with full benefits. In 1983 they already tacked a year and two months onto my retirement, and if you were born after 1960 they’ve tacked 2 full years on. Now Boehner is talking about adding three more years.

So if you are age 40-60 and retiring soon you might see that age raise once again if the GOP regains power, even though we’ve been paying all our lives and were promised that it wouldn’t raise again after they raised it in 1983. You want an outrage of the day? That’s it.

The actual video is below the fold since MSNBC embeds are a slow pain to load on a page…

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