The Sandpit: Tilty and Shifty Without the Rented Lens

No matter what the fellow at True Slant says you have to admire The Sandpit from the sheer amount of labor and love that went into it. Just because Bill likes the scenery chewing Snowstorm as an actor better than both Night and Day doesn’t mean that Coney Island is really better. I mean some people like William Shatner more than the whole cast of Firefly because it’s just so much easier to understand where Shatner is headed no matter what the scene calls for.

I still prefer The Sandpit but would others like it better if it had an occasional close up of someone’s tatts and some sidewalks and a rainstorm?  Hard to say. Much more on how The Sandpit was made in this interview with the artist. More on Tilt shift lenses and process at Wikipedia.

The Sandpit from Sam O'Hare on Vimeo.

There are a lot of synergies at work here – “A flicker and it’s gone” is sung as we see the night lit construction scene at ground zero, and for some others there are probably strange flash backs as different scenes take them back to chapters in Grand Theft Auto IV.