Valentine’s Day Blizzard

We had a very short, but heavy blizard roll through the KC metro area shortly after 2 PM today, and it caused at least three large car pileups due to the sudden white out and slick conditions on an otherwise clear day.

The newscasters are saying “hundreds” of cars, but it’s likely less than 200 from the scenes I am seeing of the three separate pile ups, two of them on I-70, and one of them on I-35.  The snow was gone here in under fifteen minutes however I did get some pictures of the snowfall, and snapped a photo of the news broadcast. I was too late to get the massive pileup on the bridge, but one overpass had cars sandwiched in like tuna from one end of the bridge to the other, and they were some atop of others.

More on this at KSHB

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