Testing WordPress 2.9: Photo Cropping and Video Embedding

Testing WordPress 2.9: Photo Cropping and Video Embedding

This is a test post to see how the photocropping feature works in WP 2.9, as well as the video embedding – you are totally safe ignoring it completely.

First an embed using a naked url:

Warrior Jesus Kills Comericial Capitalist Santa

For the record according to authorities Jesus was born in summer, likely around July, and Christmas started with Pagan solstice festivals.This guy has a right to be stupid however, even at Christmas.

Now a photo not cropped in WP:

And another photo, this one cropped in WP:

Not so good. While the image crop tool is there you can’t get the “save” button to ungray or go live, so the crop itself never takes. Looks like I’m still using P-Shop for cropping and sizing until they get this fixed. Also there doesn’t appear to be a way to edit a photo once it’s inserted into a post from the gallery, you can only crop and size when you freshly upload it. There’s work to be done here devs.

UPDATE: After clearing up some disk space the feature does work, buttons grey and ungrey when they should.

The good news is that the naked URL embed of a video does work, hats off for that.

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