Fork and Screen: New Movie Experience

Fork and Screen: New Movie Experience

rendering_homeAs part of my wife’s birthday gift the kids took us to see the latest Harry Potter movie at AMC’s new “Fork and Screen” theater in Olathe. It seems a bit spendy when you look at total price, but if you compare it to other movie outings for the family it actually fares better. Ticket price was $20.00 each, but included ten dollar vouchers for the meal. Since we spend nearly that much on movie tickets and refreshments anyway (we average 15 to 18 dollars each,) and then still go to a restaurant afterward I consider this a steal.

The experience includes a bar, dining, and a wide recliner. No, not a fake recliner, but a motorized almost too reclined chair with a foot rest. They also have “no children” showings, which is great if you want to see that kid’s movie without all of the distraction that comes with an all-kid audience.

The food was good, the chair was comfortable, and the price tag actually came out less than the usual movie and restaurant that we do. You also save some time, so what’s not to like? I’ll be doing this for most movies I see henceforward. One thing the marketeers might have done better: “Beer and Screen” would draw a larger audience…

Verdict: Great concept well executed.

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  1. Beer, Screen and popcorn, that’s what dreams are made of….
    Glad you enjoyed your wife’s birthday, is she going to treat you on your’s?

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