Cap and Tax Shell Game Pushed by Geithner

Cap and Tax Shell Game Pushed by Geithner

This is the worst possible time to be pushing cap and trade – increased prices for energy are not the answer for our economic woes, and a low energy future is not the way to combat pollution. If we want to tackle the problem we should be building clean energy, not penalizing all sources we don’t agree with because bankrupting power companies and decreasing energy supply has dire consequences for the world. Make no mistake about this: it’s the middle class tax hike Obama didn’t tell you about in the election, and it could easily be argued that sustained high energy prices for several years led directly to the mortage debacle which pushed us over the hill into recession.

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  1. Geithner looks like Sean Penn, and I don’t believe he knows what the hell he’s doing like the rest of Obama’s cabinet. They talk “green” but more jobs will be from overseas than here in the U.S. When are those 4 million jobs going to be posted on the employment board? Obama and crew better wake up and use a bit of Reaganomics and sit back and watch the stock market….

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