First Cardinal

Here’s a picture of the first Cardinal I’ve seen out back this year.

Road’s Edge Somewhere in the Desert

Here’s an attempt to manipulate perspective at the edge of the road in the desert.

The real problem of this photo is that it was taken in Spring, and really doesn’t look like full desert because everything to the right or left of the area I cropped to was blooming or green.

Redbuds Blooming

The Redbuds are now flowering.

Redbuds are Here Again

Redbuds are here again…

Lamp Post Crow

I took this while traveling West ten days ago.

Fresh Prints of Kansas

Fresh Prints of Kansas…

Winter Woodpecker Gallery

We’ve got a few birds visiting the back yard today¬† – halted in their migratory trek by a freak Spring snow. Here’s a gallery of the¬† woodpecker that decided to hang about today. Click on the thumbs to enlarge.

M O O N Spells Moon

Tonight’s moon – these moon photos I post are pretty large, so when you click on the thumbnail to blow it up, try ctrl and the plus key together a few times to see the real definition.

Ice Curtains

Ice Curtains hide an empty nest as the glacier on my roof recedes.

Kasey’s Affliction

Kasey has a problem with barking; she can’t seem to do that without an object in her mouth – here you see her with her favorite basketball mumble barking and growling at a snowplow.