Monckton: IPCC Model and Conclusions Deeply Flawed

Mea Culpa:

Way back when I was still a wingnut, I used repost some of their operative agitprop – embarrassing as it is I took a “warmist” stance back then, and actually wrote in support of notorious climate denialist Monckton. Sure, it’s embarrassing. I have taken out all of the text in support of Monckton because it’s all debunked and false as much of Monckton’s “work” has been. It’s important not to propagate swill on the internet, else I would have left it all here instead of my confession. 

Old warmist me:

Please also note that my statement is still firm: there is enough doubt about the extent of MMGW contribution that we should forestall policies based upon the IPCC findings. We should research more and actually fund some contrary studies. To enact more government policy before we know more would be scurrilious, and probably disastrous

Later, more educated me:
UPDATE: It’s a year and six months later, Monckton’s paper has been fully debunked, and I’ve done much more digging into the data and studies. Anthropogenic Global Warming is something we must address this century, and if we wait until the second half to start it will be too late.