That Smell, Can’t you Smell that Smell?

the GOP is going to pretend that it’s ok, that it’s somehow normal, nothing to see here, these aren’t the droids

There is a deep deep rot within the republican party, the stench reaches to the very heavens. Now that the evidence is out and everyone can plainly see that Trump is undeniably guilty of enlisting multiple foreign countries to interfere in US politics on his behalf, the GOP is going to pretend that it’s ok, that it’s somehow normal, nothing to see here, these aren’t the droids etc. You know that they would not feel the same way if this were Obama, or any other democrat for that matter. That stench is never going to wash off if the Republicans allow this to continue.

This all started long ago with a gentle glide path into the bad the GOP didn’t break back, they slowly slid bad over several decades. At multiple junctures different Republicans adopted the attitude that you have to be BAD to fight bad. Initially there might have been some grumbling, some pushback, but generally the rank and file just went along with it — and it got easier with each successive moral slip down that oooh so gentle slope.

Maybe it can be traced back into the UR conservative days of Weyrich, when the architects of the modern GOP decided they needed their own institutions, their own separate cultural beacons and outlets, and that they must remain separate from all others. Massive mailing ventures started, and proved successful – especially successful at getting money. Separatist niche-crafted institutes and outlets were stood up, and some catered to that wild west libertarian crowd, while others were designed to capture zealot attention.

Then came the internet, and those ventures blossomed – their separate and sealed niches were protected and enhanced, and in each the mythos grew and was refined, departing further and further from reality with each passing decade. These niche ventures were great at cultivating zealots and extremists, and they were the breeding ground for the tea party.

Hidden behind the curtains in each were the Birchers, conservative citizen council members, and other extremists that Buckley used to keep outside the big tent on the midway with the freak shows. Then Buckley died, and the freak show became the main attraction, and here we are.

The GOP’s slope downward is now very steep, and ahead lies the leering cliff edge leading to the brink of hell – will they look up in time?

Poll: 65% of Republicans say Trump’s Ukraine scheme was normal presidential behavior

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