The Demise of Spinning Disks and Other Technology Verges: Updated

More than a couple of years back I made predictions about spinning disks that are speedily playing out now. As SSD’s both increase in space and decrease in costs the move to adopt them in all infrastructure is accelerating. If you are going to pay for a disk now you should consider the benefits (speed, instant on, low energy, low maintenance,) of SSD unless it’s massive storage you need – and even that barrier will quickly fall once SSD’s come in terabyte sizes for < $150.00. So if you are in a business dependent on spinning disks, it's past time to consider product migration strategies. From 2 years ago:

It’s very clear that memory devices that use spinning platters and disks are all headed to obsolescence soon. This means Hard drives, CD players, DVD’s and DVD players. So what will the replacement be?

The most likely replacement is streaming digital mixed with the SD-MMC card in some form or another. Since manufacturers are making 128 GB versions of these chips, it’s likely that the lower GB versions will become dirt cheap soon, and when that happens 16 GB chips might become the media that movies get sold on. (The typical HD or Blu ray movie takes less than 8GB on average on DVD’s now.) There are also solid state devices using similar memory technology for capacity right now, while solid devices like the Ipod touch are relatively expensive for the average consumer for the memory (64 GB), they will improve.

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