What I’m Listening to this week: 06-15-2013

Those kings of Romangst, Jimmy Eat World, have a new album out full of finely planted hooks and tight riffery

The reigning Kings of Romangst, Jimmy Eat World, have a new album out that’s full of finely planted hooks, well crafted lyrics, and tightly riffed turnarounds that’s well worth a listen; I suspect some young adults will be putting a few of these tunes into heavy personal rotation after that crushing break up comes later this summer.

My Friend, Jim Aiken, is doing a song list which in turn reminded me how long it’s been since I’ve burned a new CD for the car. So I’m setting off to do that – the working title is “Virtual Implements of Allegorical Destruction”, and it starts with “Microphone” from 98° and it’s going to end with “Whistle” from Flo Rida, can you guess the theme?

At 9 bucks for 32 tunes, Monstercat 013 is a freaking steal for fans of Dance/Electronica:

“Tap Out” from Comedown Machine by the Strokes is infectious – and several other tracks get under your skin and burrow in.


And to finish off the superb new CD From Bowie:

Fitz and the Tantrums and Vampire Weekend both have May releases that you might want to check out as well, neither one has a tune on my ‘pod yet, but perhaps they will grow on me.