What’s Wrong With Modern DSLR’s

I do love my camera, but it could be oh so much better. Let’s start at the top with missing features, then we can proceed to grumbling about other things like inflated prices. At the top of the ticket is no built in wifi or blue tooth connectivity. It’s pretty trivial both in cost and economics of space to add that nowadays, and Eyefi chips are not the answer.

Every camera needs to come with blue tooth, wireless N, and on top of that have a GPS receiver. They should be able to be controlled wireless from any pad, phone, laptop, or even display device. They should be able to download to printers and data devices, and they should be able to display photos through wireless to televisions. GPS should be part of the exif data for every photograph, and the camera should automatically set its timezone and time.

You shouldn’t have to add an accessory or fiddle the software by adding Magic Lantern to do extended time lapse photography, that ability should be native. Add an accelerometer and a horizon line in the viewfinder and you are finally starting to get somewhere in the land of “fully featured modern DSLRs”.

If we then add a suite of level sensors  – horizontal in two directions, front to back, side to side, and add in motion sensors then you have the data needed to auto shift and correct in software for motion blur even when it’s bad.

All cameras should be able to download Lens profiles from manufacturers to auto correct for lens distortions and and color aberration in the raw file because every lens, no matter the quality, does have some distortion that can be corrected due to the lenses’ physical factors and build.

Ok, I feel like I’ve vented enough about how things ought to be for today.