What I’m Listening to: July Edition

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these so this will be a compilation of the past few months of songs I’m listening to that are relatively new. Keep in mind I am not posting the inescapable uber hits that you are going to hear anyway for the next six months because everyone already knows about Maroon5, Katy Perry, Skrillex, and Flo Rida. Also note that I’m going to try out a new Amazon widget thing that should let you hear some of the tunes if I get it right — it’ll be down at the bottom if you just want to start sampling the songs now.

Leading off is manicanparty, a new group blending African chorals and percussion into modern alternative & hip-hop in elegant and spartan arrangements. They’ve picked up a sponsorship from VEVO, and have a remix already after their video.

TuNe-YaRds is an easy followup to Manicanparty, they fit well together.

I’ve also picked up “Shiver Shiver” and two other songs from Walk The Moon, a group better known for face paints and the song “Anna Sun

Recently arrived on the tough yet tender girl punk rocker scene is Dead Sara with “Weatherman“, sounding every bit as riveting as Joan Jett.

Alt rock duo Imaginary Cities hails from Canada, and their new song “Hummingbird” is approaching sixties easy listening sounds, but in updated format.

Also noteworthy is BTR, who skillfully lifted and updated the major hooks from Blur’s “Song 2” — and hey, who didn’t like that “WOOOO HOOO” song?