Watt’s Wrong With Anthony?

Peter Hadfield responds to Global Warming denialist Anthony Watts regarding a fictitious invitation to debate from Christopher Monckton.


For the sake of Anthony Watts, who has a genuine hearing issue (no, this isn’t sarcasm, it’s a genuine condition) and I understand the problems he has listening to my videos, I’ll explain what this one is about. A recent statement on wattsupwiththat.com claimed that I won’t debate Monckton face-to-face. This is a complete fabrication. I have never been invited to debate him face to face and have never declined such an invitation. It was Mr. Monckton who withdrew from an online debate that wattsupwiththat hosted, and he has written to tell me he is too busy to debate. If he is only willing to respond to the evidence when he can see my face then of course I will be delighted to present my evidence to him face-to-face. I have asked wattsupwiththat to correct this misrepresentation, but they have not done so, and they won’t publish my very polite requests for them to do so. And since they say they will delete any messages that make a reference to me, it seems no one else is allowed to point out the error either.

So I am doing so in this video, with my usual mix of politeness, decency and good humor. I have no idea why the wattsupwiththat crew dislike me so intently, and why they defend Monckton so assiduously, but as long as they continue to print falsehoods, refuse to issue corrections and censor comments I guess we will never know.



via Correcting misinformation about a face-to-face debate.wmv – YouTube.