Dawn of the Omnisensor

I’ve been talking about cheap sensors and how all things electric are getting smaller and wireless, so let’s get a little crazy and look down the road at things that will probably come.

At some point lens, camera logic and memory will become one solid state chip. At some point thermometer, barometer, GPS, altimeter, camera, humidity, RF,  motion, fire detector, and all other possible sensors will become miniaturized and then placed in various combinations on a variety of solid state chips and devices.

The potential to fit all of the above on a single chip is likely sometime within the next 20 years – what happens then? What happens when they become mass produced and dirt cheap?

Do drones carpet battlefields ahead of the fight with a carpet of smart networked omnisensors? Does all privacy everywhere in the public space become thoroughly eradicated as it will be easy to place miniature sensors anywhere?Will your house or room know when you have a temperature, will it recognize you and your friends faces and voices for security purposes? Will omnisensors be embedded in everything from your coffee maker to your lightswitch to your mailbox?

The possibilities are endless, and predicting the most important aspects of how Omni sensors will affect our lives is really impossible.