Another Post Surgery Milestone

It took two separate days, one for each half, but I’ve now shoveled the snow off the entire drive. Right after the open chest surgery in July you wouldn’t have been able to convince me that I’d be able to do this so soon. There are only a few medieval tortures that are as brutal to your innards as cavage, and one of the after effects is that repeated strenuous compression of your midsection can cause artificial shortness of breath and minor panic attacks like that feeling as you go down the roller coaster. I’m thinking that working your middle after an appropriate healing time is part of getting that to go away so I’ll be doing more exercise like this in the future.

The funny part is that I’m from Alaska and never shovel snow. Even in the worst snows the drill was to get out and drive back and forth on top of it until you packed it down, establishing a fine surface to drive or park on that would melt in the Spring.