That Mosque Problem

The new group to hate for bigots in the US is Muslims — you can see it all across the country, and if we end up with institutionalized and accepted hatred of Muslims as our norm then the terrorists on 9/11 won, because that is exactly what they want from the US. They seek a clash of civilizations, they want unending war and terror. Anyone who does not believe strictly as they do is Takfir, and either outcast or subject to death. It’s the same view that some of the US bigots have – they want to adopt the ways of Al Qaeda and cast out the impure, and they want to adopt the ways of Tyrants in the mideast and block religious freedoms in direct contravention of our constitution. Many of them pimp the dictums of Bin Laden and Zawahiri in the US better than either of those two terrorists do simply because they want to further that black and white “us and them” inevitable clash of civilizations worldview that Al Qaeda favors. It’s sheer idiocy.

The main proponents of the Clash of Civilizations in our country are a dark alliance of religious whackballs put together by Arch-Con Paul Weyrich* who are furthering the aims of an Orthodox pantheon of foreign lobbies from pan Hellenic and Pan Serbian states. The main goals of those lobbies are really European in nature, but they are the tail wagging the GOP elephant when it comes to religious freedoms and attitudes towards muslims. They are at root religious Eurofascist groups of extremely fundamentalist Orthodox Catholics and Melkites. The two most vocal bigots are Robert Spencer and Pam Geller, but they also have recent converts like Newt Gingrich, Romney, Huckabee, and Sarah Palin coming to their aid. (and when Gingrich recently converted to Catholicism he picked the flavor favored by both Weyrich and Spencer: Melkite)

The terrorists in Al Qaeda, their associated movements like Hamas, LeT, and their political groups like Hizb ut Tahrir and the Muslim Brotherhood are all Luddite fundamentalists who fear the modern world. Their terror is in direct opposition to modernity, and in direct opposition to the education, freedoms,  and social liberties they see leaking slowly into every one of their tyrannical countries. The lashback from the terrorists is out of fear, because they have zero paths to victory over the long haul. They will lose against modernity and there will be Islamic reform – there’s no such thing as a little freedom – once people taste it they demand more.

The fundamentalist axis of Orthodox lobbies are also religious luddites who fear modernity and social freedoms, and they are the same groups who attack Roms, Roman Catholic churches, and Synagogues in Eastern Europe, they are no more ally to the “West” than the people in The Black Hand were. So why on earth are we giving their swill countenance in the US?

John Stewart humorously lampoons the bigots cause, and in the US the best way to combat bigotry is too show the world how ridiculous they and their fears are.

* note that while Paul Weyrich was alive that he was highly adept at marshaling fringe single issue tribal nationalists, neo confederates, and other hate groups and melding them into alliances. Thus we have him as sponsor to several of these bigot groups, but now that he’s dead who holds the reins?