8 Years Ago

I was on a metal table, with my rib cage cut open and spread by an ingenious tool resembling a Medieval torture device. People with long retracter rods held my flesh open as well, and I have those bruises to this day.  However it was successful and here I am preparing to binge watch the Netflix Marvel series again in preparation for the upcoming Defenders 1st season.

This morning I walked the dogs at the lake, and since I walk briskly some looked at me as a challenge, and they worked hard to pass me by,  but later were huffing and puffing beside the path as I went by them a half mile later. What I didn’t tell them is that if they have to work hard to pass a 62 year old quintuple bypass survivor with a pacemaker, then they should probably see a doctor. Life’s not a sprint, but rather a progressive steady journey, take it at a reasonable pace and you will do better. While I still struggle at times when I bend over and I’m getting cataracts, I’m otherwise healthy for my age.

Bending my midsection  is rough at times – hopping in the car seat can put me out of breathe, at the verge of urination, and choked up all at once. It’s just like a solar plexus punch panic attack when the spiral wiring that ties my rib cage together stimulates  my vagal nerve.

Growing old is not for wusses, and I tell my friends and anyone else who listens that in the race of life I intend to finish dead last.

Future Islands — Ran

Future Islands has a new album dropping in April, here’s the traditional pre release tune for your enjoyment:

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No, Surrender … but Never Surrender.

If you are terminally cynical, aka suicidal, do not click the play button to this music video. Justin Currie wrote this after hearing the UK was entering yet another war, and it’s full of bitter cutting cynicism. If however you have the spine, the spiritual fortitude, and the plain old moxie to pull yourself out of despair, click play, wallow in it, then cry, have a beer, stand up, shake it off and Stand again.

Currie’s lyrics are masterfully written, they construct an accurate picture that portrays most of what is wrong in our times, and this poem will certainly last the ages. It’s especially fitting in these times. So listen but don’t let the bitter take you, don’t be that paranoid and hopeless one. Never surrender.

Hillary Questions Trump on His Foreign Ties

Not the type you wear either…

KU, KU Med Center Reveal Preliminary Budget Cuts Required After Brownback Cut Funding This Summer

This is Governor Brownback’s legacy to the state of Kansas.

Long ago when I first arrived in Kansas I used to work for a person who was a self-designated “DINK” – Dual income, no kids. He was proud of the fact that he and his wife would enjoy life to the fullest by buying all the big boy toys, (he did,) and retire early (they did.) He didn’t just celebrate it, he reveled in it and rubbed people’s noses in it, sometimes sneering when he would hear of a new child to come for someone who worked with him. His usual comment was something like “well that’s a shame, there goes that hardbody…” This guy’s wife made a lot of money, and as a manager he made a respectable sum as well, but he kept his wife on a make up budget. If he wasn’t an outright libertarian then he was libertarian in nature.

The entire time I worked for him he had a pet peeve that you would hear about at least a couple of times per month. He would bitterly complain about having to pay for “other people’s kids to go to school.” It was an anathema to him, he would rant on and on about it while standing in a computer room surrounded by technology designed, created, and built by other people’s kids who attended public schools. He did it while driving in cars built by kids who attended public school, and he did it while driving down roads that they constructed. A few years later in life he had serious health issues and his life was saved by doctors who attended KU med. Even after that he never saw the hypocrisy of how he benefited from public schooling in Kansas while railing against it.

The University of Kansas has outlined the first half of about $3.8 million in cuts to academic and administrative programs expected this year at the Lawrence and Edwards campuses.

Among the programs taking significant cuts in this first-round announcement are the Kansas Geological Survey, Kansas Public Radio and the Audio Reader service for the blind and visually impaired.

Officials said the first $1.3 million in cuts announced by Provost Neeli Bendapudi on Wednesday are necessary as the university tries to manage a $7 million reduction in state funding mandated by Gov. Sam Brownback this summer.

An additional $3.7 million in state funding has been cut from the KU Medical Center budget, and officials there said the budget reduction would cause significant hardship for the medical school.

More: KU, KU Med Center reveal preliminary budget cuts required after Brownback cut funding this summer

Clinton on Trump: “A Man You Can Bait With a Tweet Is Not A Man We Can Trust With Nuclear Weapons”

Hillary Clinton on on Donald Trump’s greatest weakness.

Selecting Tim Kaine as VP aids Progressive Efforts

Since the pre-leak of the announcement there’s been lots of discussion of how progressive Tim Kaine is or isn’t, some of it emanating from the Berniacs, however much is also coming from the usual anti-Hillary camps. You know them, those edge forces who are going to vote Jill Stein or people masquerading as social libertarians but who really land on the tribal nationalist right if you lift their mask.

Their usual approach to the argument is through concern trolling (e.g. “Does Hillary really support LGBT causes enough? etc.)These same forces helped Barrack overcome Hillary through some pretty insidious campaigns when she ran the first time with the thought in mind that Obama couldn’t possibly win. That backfired big time, but here they are trying again.

So here is my take:

Because Financial and Banking regulations are crafted or blocked in the Senate, taking Tim out of that picture while leaving Booker, Sanders, and Warren in place to lead the efforts is really a stealth progressive move. Whether intentional or not removing Kaine pulls someone who wants to deregulate for Capital 1, or whatever the argument is, totally out of the picture. If progressives really want to aid the cause they can stop kvetching about this move and start lobbying Virginia’s governor to appoint a true progressive to back fill Kaine.

See my original post at LGF

Who to Vote For in Kansas

If you are like me then you are sick and tired of seeing jobs flee the state, our schools and roads running down, our health care choices diminishing while costs go up, and more budget deficits ballooning in the future. We need a reasonable tax revenue to secure the health of our citizens, the future of business in our state, and the future of our children.  However Governor Brownback and the zealots behind him have a pretty devil may care view about everything but tax breaks for big businesses that seem to wheedle more advantage out of our bewildered legislators at every opportunity while failing to pay their fair share.

The real dilemma faced by voters in this primary election is how the heck do you tell the moderate candidates from the laissez-faire zealots backing Brownback, especially since the zealots are trying to lay it all off on Brownback and pretend they are moderate now? The good news is that the Mainstream Coalition has created a list of endorsements to help you weed through the candidates in your area. I’m including it below or you can visit this link:

2016 MainPAC Primary Election Endorsements

Kansas Senate Endorsed Candidate(s)


Francisco (D)
Richey (R)
Marci Francisco (D)*


Holland (D)
Van Mereren (R)
Tom Holland (D)*


Haley (D) David Haley (D)*


Hutton (D)
Terrien (D)
Fitzgerald (R)
Bill Hutton (D)


Pettey (D) Pat Pettey (D)*


England (D)
Bollier (R)
Barbara Bollier (R)*


McGuire (D)
Denning (R)
Don McGuire (D)


Morrow (D)
Lynn (R)
Chris Morrow (D)


Hiatt (D)
Pitcher-Cook (R)
Vicki Hiatt (D)


Fannen (D)
Skubal (R)
Melcher (R)
Skip Fannen (D)
John Skubal (R)


Hensley (D)
Haney (R)
Anthony Hensley (D)*


Czerniewski (D)
Heley (D)
Smith (R)
Sykes (R)
Logan Heley (D)
Dinah Sykes (R)


Kerfoot (D)
Olson (R)
Spencer Kerfoot (D)


King (D)
Baumgardner (R)
Kansas House Endorsed Candidate(s)


Chociej (D)
Markley (R)
McPherson (R)
Patty Markley (R)


Wilson (D) John Wilson (D)*


Ring (D)
Esau (R)
Gabel (R)
Merlin Ring (D)
Leesa Gabel (R)


McCorkle (D)
Davis (R)
Dostal (R)
Palcic (R)
R. Paul McCorkle (D)
Kim Palcic (R)


Holscher (D)
Grosserode (R)
Cindy Holscher (D)


Stoll (D)
Cox (R)
Hildabrand (R)
Helen Stoll (D)
Tom Cox (R)


Neighbor (D)
Jenkins (R)
Cindy Neighbor (D)


Meitl (D)
Clayton (R)
Stephanie Clayton (R)*


McQueeny (D)
Bruchman (R)
Kessinger (R)
Christopher McQueeny (D)
Jan Kessinger (R)


Stogsdill (D)
Hughes (R)
Melton (R)
Jerry Stogsdill (D)
Dorothy Hughes (R)


Lusk (D) Nancy Lusk (D)*


Versola (D)
Gallagher (R)
Linda Gallagher (R)*


Ousley (D)
Johnson (R)
Jarrod Ousley (D)*


McCann (D)
Rooker (R)
Melissa Rooker (R)*


Tiffany (D)
Campbell (R)
Cheron Tiffany (D)


Miller (D)
Harmon (R)
Tarwater (R)


Koesten (R)
Lunn (R)
Joy Koesten (R)


Parker (D)
Todd (R)
Brett Parker (D)


Graham (D)
Dingwerth (R)
Powell (R)
Darla Graham (D)


Ruiz (D) Louis Ruiz (D)*


Curtis (D) Pam Curtis (D)*


Burroughs (D) Tom Burroughs (D)*


Winn (D) Valdenia Winn (D)*


Lampkin (D)
Henderson (D)


Wolfe Moore (D)
Thomas (D)
Braun (R)
Kathy Wolfe Moore (D)*


Frownfelter (D) n/a


Fonkert (D)
Dove (R)
Lucas (R)
Templin (R)
Mike Folkert (D)
Mitra Templin (R)


Lawson (D)
Brim (R)
Macheers (R)
Donohoe (R)
Angeliina Lawson (D)
Shelee Brim (R)


Reed (D)
Karlskint (R)
O’Brien (R)
Kara Reed (D)


Roberts (R)
Sutton (R)
Donald Roberts (R)


Ballard (D)
Davis (D)
Lindsey (R)
Barbara Ballard (D)*


Maines (D)
Pierce (R)
Sloan (R)
Tom Sloan (R)*


Highberger (D) Dennis “Boog” Highberger (D)*


Ackerson (D)
Kleeb (R)
Sandy Ackerson (D)


Hunt (D)
Schwab (R)
Darnell Hunt (D)


Hansen (D)
Corbet (R)
Renae Hansen (D)


Darby (D)
Clayton (R)
Ryckman (R)
Jason Darby (D)


Graff (D)
Kiegerl (R)
Jason Graff (D)
State Bd of Education Endorsed Candidate(s)


Cindric (D)
Roberts (R)
Chris Cindric (D)


Mah (D)
Mollenkamp (R)
Ann Mah (D)


Horst (R) Deena Horst (R)*


Busch (R) n/a


McNiece (R) Jim McNiece (R)*
JOCO Commission Endorsed Candidate(s)


Allen n/a


Steve Klika*


U.S. Congress Endorsed Candidate(s)


Potter (D)
Jenkins (R)
Britani Potter (D)


Marselus (D)
McLaughlin (D)
Sidie (D)
Goode (R)
Yoder (R)
Jay Sidie (D)

Printable PDF Table