“Don’t act as if you have 100 years to live.” – Marcus Antoninus Aurelius


I’m an information technology manager who has worked in the telecommunications industry 20+ years, starting my junior year in High School. I’m still constantly seeking more change, better innovation, and an improved future for all. I pride myself on my ability to look forward and to creatively find the good things in new technologies beyond the inevitable worries about change.

What you will find here

Articles about the bright futures ahead
Articles on science
Articles on Technology
Articles on Energy
Articles on Music
Media criticism
Art Criticism
Some philosophy, but in concise, simple terms


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If you post something worth reading that’s reasoned and factual, then it might live even if I completely disagree. Sometimes ugly, and unreasonable comments might live just for illustrative reasons.

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Shadows stand tall at the dusk and the dawn of the day

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