This site exists to fight nihilism, negativism, Nazism, Communism, Islamism, Racism, and most other ugly isms. I ride the wake of the baby-boom, and am amazed at the poor performance my generation has turned in to date. I am ashamed of my generation for several reasons and you might see a few if you visit regularly. This is my way of making amends and apology for them all. I could run on for pages about my peers, their foibles and their failings, however venting doesn’t do much - it just takes time and a wise man once said:

“Don’t act as if you have 100 years to live.” – Marcus Antoninus Aurelius

What you will find here

Articles about the bright futures ahead
Articles on science
Articles on current conflicts
Articles on Energy
Politics from a different view
Solutions to some problems worried about by many folks
Media criticism
Art Criticism
Some philosophy, but in concise, simple terms

What you won’t find here

Problems without solutions

Where I am coming from:

The “Ism” I love is Capitalism — it brings us fast cars, beautiful buildings, technology, healthier, happier people, and an open, bright future.

I don’t believe in gods or devils, I do believe in the power of human intelligence. Both good and evil are real,  but it takes people to create and enable both. That means that morals, judgment, and critical thinking are all required if you don’t want to accommodate or succumb to evil. You won’t find weak moral equivalence here, if I think something is wrong I will not only tell you, but also why it’s wrong.

That said, I think some of the 10 commandments are good values based on common sense, and supported logically without need of a God to empower them. [I can't get behind that "no god before me bit etc. as an atheist] They are part of the history and foundation of this nation. I also find zealot atheists piteously boring, obnoxious, and holding little sense of priority. If “In God we trust” on the dollar bill offends you then you need to get over it because there are much worse things in this world.

Government’s prime purpose is to protect their countries and the individual rights of their citizens — all other purposes are secondary and should be somewhat limited: government’s powers should not only be counter-balanced branch to branch, but also each branch must be circumscribed to only act within their powers. I am not a full bull goose loon libertarian however: Government does also serve the public good in manifold ways that private enterprise never could nor would. Social safety nets are necessary provisions as are public schools, roads, and restrooms.

Life has purpose and meaning unless you personally decide otherwise – however if that’s the case then why are you still around? Even if you do decide otherwise, it still has purpose and meaning for the rest of us, don’t get in the way.

I hate bad art, communists, and their weak-sisters the world socialists. I hate whining, crabbing, nihilism, and purposelessness. I hate people who try to tailor how other people should live their lives, our self-selected philosopher kings. If that last sentence didn’t give it away, I also hate Plato.

I don’t hate liberals or democrats, I just pity them. It must suck to have devolved to the point where your political purpose and platforms are based minute-by-minute on the output of the 24 hour news cycle and a myths so distant from reality that it must recreate itself every five minutes. (Update 2010 — sadly this position and propensity has flipped since President Obama was elected. It is now the right that hangs on every news cycle looking for the latest minuscule point or position to become overly outraged about. The GOP has gone from being the Adult party in Washington to being hysterical children. Strange what a difference one election can make.)

At some other time I might describe some more of my likes and dislikes, but you should be able to see where I stand from this clearly; long lists grow boring and as the man said we don’t have a hundred years to live. In the end, everyone is my friend until they prove otherwise.


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