President Bush Illegal immigration speech

It was compelling, and Bush did make a good case, probably one of the better speeches he’s given. I think he truly believes what he is saying, and he is going to stick by his principles hell or highwater. I have to respect him for that although I disagree with him on two points from his speech. Continue reading “President Bush Illegal immigration speech”

If Bush Sends National Guard to the Border

UPDATE: Anderson Cooper 360 covering this after next commercial break. 

If as predicted President Bush does put National Guard or other armed forces on the border, then the left will dredge up an incident from the past. It involved a Marine shooting a goat-herder after the goat herder fired upon him in 1997 during drug interdiction patrols. These patrols stopped after this incident, and afterwards the drug cartels took over the border towns.

Although the defense department has supported the Marines — they had radioed to superiors asking for permission to load their weapons and fire at Hernandez — it has also suspended all missions that would put troops on the U.S.-Mexico border while it reviews military drug policies.

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NSA teapot tempest

The NSA call pattern tracking efforts are really a tempest in a teapot, and similar efforts have gone on a long time. There is much misreporting going on at USA today, either from ignorance or from a suspect “unidentified source”. I think the media recognizes that most americans aren’t upset by this, but the operative word is “yet” as already expressed on-air by ABC am affiliate news and a couple of other places. Continue reading “NSA teapot tempest”


The Martyrs the MSM doesn’t show.  The booming economy the MSM doesn’t show at Gateway Pundit.

Also Germany creates new methods to achieve citizenship, one component of which is that you must learn German. The MSM isn’t going to tell you this either, since Germany is one of the countries at the forefront of the multi-cultural movement.

This guy sounds like he belongs on the 9th circuit court of appeals.


NSA Spying? Worry more about Google, Yahoo, and Cisco

To all of you tinfoil-hat wearing liberals worried about Bush and the NSA, here’s where your focus should be instead. 

For those who support freedom of internet reporting, here’s an interesting site:

                       Reporters Without Borders

New World report just out today: 2005 World report

Pseudo-Hillary gets Recalled…


Commander in Chef………. canceled.

And in more interesting news, try to picture how they got this guy out of the stall…

 And in the things get weirder everyday category…. I will cop to the fact that I have paid real, hard currency dollars for virtual things in an imaginary world…. what’s strange is the turn this has taken….. See the articles in Wired, AP, and Business Week…. Continue reading “Pseudo-Hillary gets Recalled…”

All jacked up…

Is a term peculiar to Kansas and Missouri maybe… I don’t know, someone tell me if you hear it in other regions. Anyway, my last post was all jacked-up — the Link to the Chavez article is now fixed. Hey, if you see something screwed up like that, it is ok to leave a comment and let me know btw.

The etymology of “Jacked-up” was explained to me by someone when I first moved here, if someone has a better one please let me know, they could have been pulling my leg. 

Supposedly the the term comes from “jack-leg” which was a confederate soldier returning from the civil war to Missouri, called that for the stripe on their pant legs or type of pants they wore. These guys were the cheap labor in Kansas, since the economy in Missouri wasn’t exactly booming at the time. If you used a “jack-leg” contractor, then the work was supposedly inferior, thus the term “all jacked-up”.


I received an email with an alternate etymology for “all jacked up” — it refers to being in a bad state from too many JD and cokes. There’s even a song that’s supportive of this theory.

The Last Bloody Century

The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all convictions, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity. – Yeats 

**WARNING: Contains graphic pictures of the results of ultimate evil. Do not continue if you are tender of heart or weak of spirit.

_135476_Pile_of_skulls_and_bones_from_Cambodia_killing_fields1.jpg The last century was the bloodiest in all of history   Wars took millions, and serial killers took the lives of many here in our country, but one evil philosophy outdoes them all.

The full tally of deaths in the 20th century by violence stands well above 200,000,000. About 35 million people were killed in wars, and 169 million souls were murdered, starved, tortured, beaten, crushed, gassed, marched, flogged, or worked to death by their own governments.

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Creating the news — Jerry Springer meets Dan Rather

News is a product. It’s a product that sells best if the cachet is prejudice or fear, and it’s apparent that in the race for viewers all the stops are being pulled out by Dateline NBC. You have to wonder about their willingness to piss off NASCAR with the contract ending soon.

After bringing Muslim men to Martinsville Speedway in Virginia to gauge the reaction of NASCAR fans, Dateline NBC won’t have its cameras at Texas Motor Speedway this weekend.

In a statement released Thursday, NBC defended its reporting tactics, saying “there have been a lot of inaccurate comments” and that Dateline “had barely begun its reporting.”

Dateline is not planning a story about NASCAR,” the statement said. “We are following up on a recent poll and other articles indicating an increase in anti-Muslim sentiment in the United States. We are curious about whether that is true. The NASCAR race at Martinsville was a stop we have made in our research on this story.

“There is nothing new about the technique of witnessing the experience of someone who might be discriminated against in a public setting.”

NASCAR officials were angry after learning Dateline recruited Muslims to attend the DirecTV 500. NASCAR spokesman Ramsey Poston said the group walked around outside the track without any reaction from fans.

“It’s outrageous that a news organization like NBC would seek to create the news instead of reporting the news,” Poston said.

60 Minutes-style confrontation journalism is now the technique used by most local stations, and some CBS affiliates will also go to extreme lengths to manufacture a teaser for the ten o’clock news.

If Jerry Springer and Dan Rather were able to mate with each other, then maybe their offspring would grow up to be journalists like the ones responsible for these incidents.