Securing America’s Energy Future report out at House

New House of Representatives energy policy report out, see details at NEI, excerpt below of key findings — please note the finding that current prices are demand driven and note the wake-up call regarding catastrophic supply shock, emphasis mine:

  • the current period of high, volatile oil prices is demand-driven, “and not caused by supply restrictions instituted by producers or political upheaval”
    • given today’s tight global markets with little excess capacity, the United States is vulnerable to “catastrophic supply shock” in view of current geopolitics
    • the United States must pursue production and conservation; these are not “either or” options Continue reading “Securing America’s Energy Future report out at House”

Updates – MS security bulletins, Nuclear news

Windows Security Bulletins 

Microsoft released three new security bulletins today, please don’t wait around, if you have “Gates Gear” go get patched tonight at windows update. The cycle time from bulletin release to exploits in the wild is now extremely short, expect worms that use these flaws tonight or tomorrow. There are botnet drivers out there building code as I write — don’t become part of their herd. Speaking of botnet drivers, Ancheta gets 57 months in jail. Sordid tale here.

Continue reading “Updates – MS security bulletins, Nuclear news”

Iran’s state of nuclear development

In Luttwak’s new Commentary piece there is a lot of well-researched detail and information about the state of Iran, it’s weapons program, and the population. This is important background to understand whether you agree with his conclusions or not. Thanks and a hat tip to Jerry Pournelle.

Right now I agree with Luttwak, but if they are still raving in a year my patience is done. It’s important to allow Free Iraq and Free Afghanistan influence a while.

NSA Spying? Worry more about Google, Yahoo, and Cisco

To all of you tinfoil-hat wearing liberals worried about Bush and the NSA, here’s where your focus should be instead. 

For those who support freedom of internet reporting, here’s an interesting site:

                       Reporters Without Borders

New World report just out today: 2005 World report

More NYT near-traitorous idiocy

The New York Times has found another congressional leaker for the world socialist cause. See the article here. Yes, all the parts of this are declassified, I read them myself in some science rags, however the pieces assembled and the methods proposed are not declassified I would bet. Continue reading “More NYT near-traitorous idiocy”

Brilliant not so smart

It’s campaign season, and the dirty tricks are starting already at Wikipedia. See the Fox news story here.

“My campaign manager Morton Brilliant, who is responsible for all the work in my office, has offered me his resignation and I have accepted it,” Cox said in a statement.

Republicans should know better, and Cox did the right thing in fireing Brilliant. For another example of wiki-prop see Little Green footballs.

Libs and Loons

It seems that local issues have now come to the forefront — LA Mayor figures out how to do math: 294 Million Americans, 11 million Illegal Immigrants who can’t vote (except in democratically controlled precints… like California. ) hrmmm maybe he’ll go talk to those NFL guys in Dallas instead hanging out with his friends at the Illegal Immigrants marches Monday.

If you need to know why the illegals come here, here’s one view.

If you want to know the price of uncontrolled immigration down the road, check Sweden. In 20-30 years will we see demands for separate laws for La Raza? More on the Swedish situation from LGF.

And just so you leave with a couple of chuckles: We have the highest gas prices in quite a while, we are at war, we have a large scale public concern over illegal immigration, and what are your favorite new Dems focused on?

Moonbattery shows us one democrat focused on making it harder and more expensive to generate power. Ehhh liiiotttt – ET says “phone home.”


What gets a Democrat’s panties in a twist real quick? — Bad mouthing their staffer in front of Paul Newman…. See Weiner Whining at Karl Kruger.

Just to be fair and balanced, here’s a story about a nutty capitalist suing a blogger in Maine.

If you were incompetent enough not to test a phone number before you published at a State of Maine tourism site, wouldn’t you feel silly if it were a phone sex hotline? Would you then as an Ad PR agency working in electronic media be stupid enough to sue a blogger who reported it for 3 Million dollars ???? Share this around folks, MaineWebReport needs some help.

School-bus Nagin disallows trailer trash by his gated communities

Another episode in the FEMA trailer drama, School Bus Nagin finally allows some trailers in after a stern talk from Chertov.

In an excellent article, Von Mises institute explains better than I did last night why Congress is responsible for the gas shortage, and why they are the only ones who can fix it.

Meanwhile, 73 percent of adults in america now cruise the internet regularly. Farewell dotcom bust, farewell MSM — it won’t be long before most of america is screaming for bandwidth that isn’t there, and the “dark fiber” we have today will be lit brighter than a thousand suns.

Japan is faced with Defense cost sticker shock now that we are asking them to become more self-reliant.

China is building nuclear reactors at a pace of two per year.

Virginia Postrel points out some interesting demographics on church governance.

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