Search Engine Recommendations

So there you have it, I need some comments on what other search engines are best, I will try a few and as soon as I get to a good one google desktop, google earth, and google search get peeled out of all five of my systems.

I am looking for an alternative to Google, seriously folks. Reasons:

  1. Their record of censorship in China
  2. Their screening of blogs that are “politically incorrect” (Do a search on “Jawa Report” on google news…)
  3. Their willingness to cooperate with communist tyrannies but unwillingness to cooperate with the US government to protect Americans by identifying terrorist search patterns.

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Blame Canada

They are so awash with mewling sarcasm and illogic that poor Alisa Rosenbaum must be rolling in her grave.

Little Green Footballs, and Webloggin, note the ever-present theme of apologists for Islamic Extremists — it somehow must be our fault. Meanwhile over at Reason’s hit and run blog, they seem to have lost touch with reason on the subject if you read the comments. They are so awash with mewling sarcasm and illogic that poor Alisa Rosenbaum must be rolling in her grave.

Chinese Blogger Silenced

The last words Zou wrote on his blog described his feelings at the time he was prevented from boarding the plane: “The moment I saw the name ‘Zou Tao’ listed on the blacklist in the security center at the airport, I completely lost all hope.

In a clear sign that free speech, dissent, and capitalism are still very much fettered in China, read here the tale of Zou Tao and his real estate boycott.

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F.I.R.E has a Job Opening

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education is looking for an energetic person dedicated to academic freedom to fill the newly created post of faculty liaison.

Virginia Postrell, who is on the board of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education blogs that they are looking for a qualified person to fill the post of Faculty Liaison. FIRE is the group defending Acton Gordon after he was fired for publishing the Mohammed Cartoons. If you are interested, the link is below. 

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, on whose board I serve, is looking for an energetic person dedicated to academic freedom to fill the newly created post of faculty liaison. A job description is here.

KOS hates Walking in Overland Park KS

Over at KOS SpleenOrnament displays the natural insecurity and paranoia of the left. I live in the area, and walk in Overland Park all the time, but look at Spleen’s take on it:

There are places in America where walking makes you a freak. As though, in opening your mouth to speak, you’re revealed to be antihuman. Makes you Suspect. Like a criminal casing the joint for easy pickings. Or, makes you un-American. Wholesomeness is driving to where you are going. Taking a bus is irresponsible. It is leaching off the highway system by not adding to its one-driver-per-car congestion. I am a freak, am a suspect, am un-American.

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Army issues campaign ribbons for GWOT


Washington D.C. – The Army will begin recognizing the heroic contributions of its units toward the Global War on Terror June 15 with the award of campaign participation credit to units that served and/or are serving in the theater of operations supporting the GWOT.

Three new streamers will be awarded to those units who qualify: one for service in Afghanistan, embroidered “AFGHANISTAN;” one for service in Iraq, embroidered “IRAQ;” and one for service in other such geographic regions as Kuwait, Qatar or the Horn of Africa, embroidered “GLOBAL WAR ON TERRORISM.”

KOS gears up for elections


KOS is starting the campaign, see this. Grassroots efforts to support lesser known candiates starts, check the “requirements” & “positives” sections at bottom.

Also note my earlier recommendation to conservatives:

We are six months and change out from mid-terms, so I”ve added a new tag “elections” and request that all conservative bloggers do so as well, & flag things that can impact elections, articles about election tracking etc. with it. That way it will be easier to hunt friend and foe.


It’s also very important that you give your local candidates who are true to cause some national limelight, and point out the foibles and follies of their foes. You know your regional issues better than the Mega-bloggers, you know your candidates better, you know your local periodicals and info sources better. Please surface the important stuff, we can’t focus on just national, war, and immigration and expect to win this November.

Body Armor Debate

This is from an email from my dad, a Viet Nam veteran who usually doesn’t vent about things unless they are important, so I thought I better share this one with all. Thanks again for the two tours Dad, I am proud to be your son.

From someone who’s been to the valley of the Jolly Green Giant has been running an article on the testing of body armor for our troops in Iraq. The Military has stated that they will not pay death benefits on deaths of troops who have purchased their own armor. There are several things here that need to be addressed. Continue reading “Body Armor Debate”