Renewable vs Nonrenewable Energy

Please take a stop by Anthonares for an interesting new study from Rand, as well as some good analysis. The study is cost comparison/future projection between renewable and nonrenewable energy prices and essentially concludes that it will be a wash.

Personally, I don’t think cost comparision studies are needed anymore — the days of exploration for new technologies for energy are really over. Anyone doing cost comparisons is jockeying for government grants, not implementing a real solution.

There are many viable energy alternatives, and we will need them all. We can also build them all now. Capitalism will do the rest once the wind, hyrdo, nuclear, and geothermal farms are built.

The real point is that Energy Independence for the US is just not enough — we must instead have energy abundance for the entire world. We do not want to be the lone island of energy wealth in a sea of misery, and it’s a simple formula for strife unending if we take that path.