Turkey Cancels Election; Upsets Islamist Government

There was some good news today in Turkey, the Islamist presidential candidate, Abdullah Gul,  failed to garner enough votes in Parliament today to stand for election as President. Since there were no other candidates, it forces national polls.

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Fort Dix Six Update

fort_dix-plotter.jpgThere is speculation about potential AQ connections with the terrorists arrested for planning the Jihadi attack at Fort Dix. Before continuing with that however please note that Fort Dix is where many troops are taught guerilla warfare fighting in conditions that simulate Iraq, I haven’t seen this in other reports and thought it ought to get mentioned.

This comes via Rush Limbaugh, who also detailed how Fort Dix was used as a refugee relocation camp for thousands of Kosovo refugees by the Clinton administration in the 90’s.

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Tuesday Update

Captain’s Quarters reports on the Islamist terrorists arrested in the US who planned to attack Fort Dix, and you should scroll through several of the posts at Little Green Footballs on this subject, as well as the revivified French Intifada.

There is also much concern up and down the Missouri river as it nears flood stages in several locations, expect some flooding later this week.

Reminder today was Black Tuesday so go get your Gates Gear patches please. There’s also a new death threat email scam or phish out there, beware of the 419 Death Threat email.

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Sunday Roundup

toulouse_08.jpgLittle Green Footballs points out the unconscionable tactics of Socialist Candidate Segolene “let the intifada restart” Royal in today’s election in France. May the best man win. Update: as called for by Segolene, the French intifada has re-ignited. More at Captains’ Quarters.

Gateway Pundit has excellent coverage of the Milblogger’s Convention, including video of President Bush’s address to them, please stop by.

jerry-pournelle.jpgJerry Pournelle has more in the continuing discussion of the geopolitical and geoeconomic realities that must be considered prior to any pull-out of Iraq. See my previous article here that deals just with a few of the near-term regional consequences, more to come on the mid-term to long-term consquences from me when time alots.

Greensburg Kansas Destroyed by Tornado, 8 Dead

Greensburg Kansas has been utterly destroyed by a tornado overnight Friday, and all buildings took damage whether brick, wood-frame or steel. The trees were all stripped bare by the tornado, which some chase crews estimated as a “half-mile wide.” Video of the storm, and the aftermath at KAKE TV.

Abdul Aziz Threatens Government Again

The government has put some of the Lal Masjid miscreants in jail for disturbing the peace, and the Mad Mullah of Jamia Hafsa / Lal Masjid (Maulana Abdul Aziz) has promised reprisals including kidnapping and hostage taking if the thugs are not released by the police.

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Release Week

dragcomp.jpgIt’s a release week where I work, and it’s likely that I will be working some long hours and be traveling at the same time — so over the next week the posting here will be spotty. Don’t worry, barring death or dismemberment I will be here for the next decade or more. Thanks for your patience all.

Jamia Hafsa Asks for Fatwah on Moderation

pakistan30307_wideweb__470×3110.jpgIn the latest move by the militant provocateurs of Jamia Hafsa they have sent a letter to the Grand Mosque asking for a religious decree from the prayer leader. They want a declaration or Fatwa on the use of terrorism to describe Jihad, and on obscenity, and they brought up Nilofer Bahktiar, Minister of Tourism, as well as obscenity again. 

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Yesterday’s Media

Yesterday’s media was much different than today’s, it wasn’t just criers and scrolls, speeches and plays as you will see below. Art and design has always been part of media: whether represented in a news-logo swoosh on Fox, a semiotic designed button on a blog, or a border on a tapestry, design surrounds the message.

Hat Tip to Virginia Postrel

Congratulations Nola Ochs

nola-ochs.jpgNola Ochs from Hays, Kansas just set a world record — at 95 years old Nola has become the oldest student to graduate, and it’s now in the record books. The story is at MSNBC, but I’d like to point out that this accomplishment is being celebrated and told around the world  — here it appears in Chitral, a remote village in the mountains of Pakistan. Isn’t the sharing of information around the world wonderful?