Hamas Terror Tactics in the Gaza Strip

Hamas Terror Tactics in the Gaza Strip

This video released by the IDF demonstrates the terror tactics employed by Hamas, their infrastructure and their logistics. The tactics include civilian shields, booby traps designed to take out civilians as IDF forces enter, and “shoot and scoot” urban warfare similar to that seen in Iraq. Urban warfare tactics are growing increasingly more sophisticated, and the future does not bode well for those combatting urban terror where civilians are hostage. Soon many of the capabilities enjoyed by advanced armies will be available to terrorists as costs come down and miniaturization of electronics systems continues to increase.

Urban war in a few years could employ drones, UAVs, remote sensor, remote camera activated explosive devices, advanced armaments and other unmentionables all in the hands of the terrorist enemy.

Our window of technical superiority is fast closing, and that worries me. Not only must we be ready for this style combat, but if our defense department is doing their full job we must be ready for “the next big war” (TNBW.)


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  1. And of course Hillary wants to give $900M to Gaza to rebuild…rebuild
    what? All the Hamas rocket sites, tunnels etc….????