Biden Voted Against the Trans Alaska Pipeline

Sarah Palin is very eloquent and convincing in this argument against the Obama/Biden energy plan, please watch the entire interview — she covers a host of salient points. I also got pinged in email a while back regarding the tagging of energy posts with “Hunger”. Just to bring all readers up to speed, energy prices and hunger are immutably wed. When energy prices go up, food prices will as well. Growing, transporting, and storing food is energy intensive. You can read those articles here.

2 Replies to “Biden Voted Against the Trans Alaska Pipeline”

  1. The liberals are questioning the amount of executive leadership Gov Sarah Palin has. When you look at it very closely, she has more than Obama and Biden combined. I think being a small town mayor, Govenor of the largest state, 80% approval rating, as well as a lifetime member of the NRA, she has a pretty impressive resume’…

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