Code Pink Come Uppance

berkeley-maf-pg-demo.jpgPlease take a stop by for some great shots from today’s Demonstration in Berkeley. It turns out that Code Stink got a bit outnumbered, and didn’t have a place to park that crappy van of theirs.. 

One thought on “Code Pink Come Uppance”

  1. |I’ve always noticed, even back to the 60’s that protesters against the country, war, flag etc..are unwashed, scruffy and ugly. Whereas the people
    who support the country, service members, flag etc… keep their hair combed, wear clean clothes, and are much better looking. Appearances
    mean a lot, and if I had to choose between a good looking blond and
    Cindy Sheehan, I don’t think it would be a hard choice to choose the former.

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