Pakistan on Watch for Female Suicide Bombers

zawahiri-dajjal.jpgThe country of Pakistan has issued warning to goverment officials to watch out for suicide bombers from Jamia Hafsa, Jamia Fareedia, and Lal Masjid. They warn to watch out for burqa-clad women, with new intelligence indicating that the students have been ordered to perform suicide attacks.

From The Daily Times:

Law enforcement agencies have forwarded intelligence reports to the senior government officials regarding suicide attacks expected to be carried out by women bombers across the country, highly reliable Interior Ministry sources told Daily Times on Sunday.

“There are chances that that male and female former students of Jamia Hafsa, Jamia Fareedia and Lal Masjid that managed to escape from ‘Operation Silence’ could carry out suicide attacks across the country,” the intelligence agencies’ reports said, according to sources. The report also suspected involvement of students from these madrassas in the suicide bombing on July 17 in Islamabad.

Intelligence agencies had forwarded detailed reports to the Interior Ministry as well, the sources said, following which authorities had issued special instructions in this regard.

pakistan30307_wideweb__470×3110.jpgPolice told to keep an eye on burqa-clad women: In the report, sources said, authorities suggested that police seniors across the country immediately issue instructions to keep a close eye on suspicious women wearing shuttlecock burqas and/or youngsters roaming near important installations, especially foreign ones, as well as important personalities, law enforcement personnel and important public and business places.

The students, especially those who led the Red Mosque insurrection, are tied to Ayman Al Zawahiri and Osama Bin Laden, who have declared war against the State of Pakistan. Letters from Zawahiri to Abdul Rashid Ghazi, who led the madrassa, were found inside the mosque. Some of the terrorists inside the mosque were aligned to Al Qaeda, and the mosque has been mentioned in at least two tapes from As Sahab, Al Qaeda’s media branch. This indicates at minimum alignment with the foreigners warring on Pakistan, if not outright alliance.

The Egyptian and Saudi interlopers state this is a war against the west, but it’s never been that. They will adopt any cause to gain recruits — mostly children, to use in their personal quests for power within the Islamic world. In the last tapes they even speak out against global warming, and they have made the word “mujahadeen” into a sick joke by killing more of the Ummah than the US and Nato combined. This is why the villages in Iraq have risen against them. They are evil, and have evil intent for the 160 million muslims in Pakistan.