YouTube Hosts Video That Calls for Killing Jews

While embedding the video in the post below, I came across a related video from Youtube’s new menu, and since it appeared to be from the real Freedom’s Watch I clicked on it.

Instead I got an anti-war video that has chanting in the background saying : “Kill the Jew, Kill the Jew, Kill the Jew.” I will not embed it here.

The user’s site is on Youtube here: theclipafter909 — if you go there you can find in his subscribers what appear to be Chechen or Hungarian islamists, Anime anti-war activists, and other sadly sick freaks and geeks. Warning: it will offend you with the usual neo-nazi, anti-zionist, anti-jew cliches, including another video titled “hitler was right”.

The saddest thing about this is that YouTube / Google has had this clip up four days. Someone has to have flagged it hatespeech earlier than I did tonight.

The second saddest is that leftists consider nothing too low when spewing agit-prop — this is a cleverly crafted brand dilution attack against the real Freedom’s watch organizaion that created the ad below.